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I like my little corner of the world!

Posted on: October 13, 2007

OK. . .the first thing you need to know about me is that I am pretty sure I don’t have a lot to say.  But, the more I know about this blogging world, the more I like it.  So, I am going to give it a try.  So, this first post is one that I used as part of an online learning community I am involved in.  I am being challenged and stretched.  This is a good thing, right???  Anyways, this is the result of some conversation about community and what that truly looks like.  I am not sure I know! 

This whole idea of hyperindividualism has really challenged me.  If I am honest, I am pretty safe and comfy in my little corner of the world.  But, yet, the challenge to be “fully human” is something that continues to resonate with me.  Believe it or not, I love when Oprah says (quit laughing or you will miss it!), “Now that you know, what will you do?”  I have always known that living life in community was the way to go but I believe fear has stifled me.

Now, fear has two forms for me.  The first is that vulnerability that you feel when you let your guard down.  It is really a hard place to be in, but yet so freeing.  Why is it so difficult to be honest and open with a body of Christ-followers?  I mean, the whole idea of imago dei should make that easy.  I am reminded, however, of my judgment and my lack of wanting to truly engage, my desire to put up the “i-have-it-all-together” front.

The second form that fear takes merely keeps me from acting.  I see problems in the world, I see problems with myself.  But, why is it that we feel like we have to be the next Nobel Peace Prize winner?  Why aren’t the small steps enough?  What stops me from taking that initial action?  What happens to all the good ideas that float through my head?  Are they not good enough?  And, who is the judge of that? 

So, all of this, in my mind, brings me back to this hyperindividualism that continues to have traction with me this week.  I find that I use the church, and my faith as a reason to act and not to act.  We all know why we should.  But, I am finding that I am so busy dealing with the week-to-week church model that I don’t have to deal with my feelings, much less, those of someone else.  I have used the “I’m to busy at the church” excuse so many times.   And, don’t I like it that way?  As much as I complain about our current church model, don’t I totally buy into it?  Am I not part of that model?  I mean, now that I know, what will I do?  How many more groups will I involve myself in so that we can study scripture and what it is that the church is and should be?  Will I continue to prepare for next week’s service and miss my opportunity to actually be the church and community?  Will I continue to isolate myself b/c it is easy and comfortable?  (Wait, is it easy and comfortable?)

I don’t know. . . . tons of questions for my first post, huh?!?  I am realizing the value of true, authentic community.  And, I think we are all desperately seeking that.  I know we should find that in the body of Christ, but are we?  I believe that, once this is found, the fear that I have mentioned will be pushed aside by the love of Christ, seen through these relationships.  Then, even the small steps will seem like huge ones.

12 Responses to "I like my little corner of the world!"


So glad to be a part of your BLOG – not really sure what that is, but I’ll give it a go.

Let’s talk about the war on terror. I have lots of opinions about that and since you mentioned the “body of Christ” will go ahead and throw out that anyone who might really care to know or be enlightened as to how this is all going to end … I suggest you read the books of Daniel and Revelation.

By read – I mean STUDY!!!! The answers are all there. Forget George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden as these are all very small players in the grand scheme of things. The true question is not “if”, but “when” and “will I be ready”.

But in the meantime, we can blog blog blog. I’ll be happy to share my opinions with anyone who cares to read them. I will only say in advance that I’m not offering up any apologies for my views. Look out Rosie!!!! (I liken myself to the dentist version of Ann Coulter.)

OK. . . .call me crazy, but how did we get from my post to the war on terrorism????

Tom, what people don’t know is, you really might be proud to liken yourself to Ann Coulter. No comment on that one! I know your sense of humor!


Got a head full of heavy micro-brew;p sitting in Yakima Washington. Subject matter too heavy for lucid comment.

Mike B

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for starting your website. I know that this jounrey is not easy, so I am glad you and I are taking it together. I am not sure where all this will lead us.
But the words of Brueggemann are in my mind alot. “The God who calls, is The God who sends.” I cannot wait to see where He is leading us.

Again thanks for your friendship,

Joan J.

Well – glad to see that I got you thinking right off the bat. I’m just trying to stir things up on your BLOG (Does that stand for something?).

Here’s another subject….. birth control without a parent’s involvement (or knowledge) for 11 year-olds. I will again advise people to read both Daniel and Revelations.

Have a great Friday. FYI – I’ll be working.

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone.

Joan J.

Wow Tracy…..nothing like completely exposing your soul on the internet! I am feeling a tad intimidated and very shallow after that read. You ought to do that more. I feel real simple right about now. As you know I was born without a filter, so there isn’t a lot that folks don’t know about me; You on the other hand…………..Glad you included me. Hope to learn some things. Questioning something I used to accuse my “X” of “skimming through life”, feels like coping but that may be a cop out?!

Hi Tracy,

I am proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone.

We will see what the future holds for all of us.

I am remember the words of Brueggemann “The God who calls is also The God that sends.”

Your Buddy, Joan

Tracy – Are we supposed to only comment on what you write???? Your thing was just way too deep. This whole BLOG thing reminds me of packets, packets, packets!!!! So many packets and so little time. Hey – when are we going to sing a little “More than words” again? I can harmonize now!!!!!!!!!!

Well. . . welcome, Tom! That’s the idea!!!

This will be much more interested that all those packets, I think! And, we can sing any time. Actually, it has been a while. We need to have an occasion to make an appearance!

Tracy –

Would love to just make up an occasion to do some “green shag carpeting” (wasn’t that the name of the band?). Maybe we could do a chicken stew or a pig picking or something like.

So what else is new? Gotta run – there’s cows coming in my front door!!!


Tracy – came across your blog, thru Brian Seay’s. I enjoyed your first post! I started asking myself many of these questions about 5mths ago, and it has led me on a transformational journey, like I could have never imagined. God’s amazing like that!! When we start to ask and seek, he opens the doors.

This searching led me to start my own blog (after writing for my wife’s for awhile), and also to an amazing grassroots, mission blog-community. Maybe some of this will help in your journey. Check them out when you have time! Blessings…

Pour Me Some Soul –
Inspired To Action –

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