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Common courtesy?

Posted on: October 27, 2007

So, tonight we had a concert at church by Mitch McVicker.  If you don’t know him, he played and wrote music with Rich Mullins and was driving the car when they had an accident and Rich died.  He’s a pretty nice guy and a good musician.  But, let’s talk about the fact that he arrived at about 5:10 pm for a 7:00 show.  Now, that meant he had to load in, set up, sound check, and eat to play at 7:00.  Well. . .he did have an opening act, so that give a little play time for eating.  However. . .the opening act started 15-20 minutes late even after a little encouragement from the person in charge to start.

 About a month ago we had Building 429, The Afters, Storyside B, and Jackson Waters.  It went pretty well, but there was one band that was very demanding and left their dressing room trashed.  They left food and trash on the floor.  They poked holes in the coolers so that the water drained onto the table and floor.  They asked to go to the hotel at 3 different times.

 Here’s the point. . . .do these things matter when you are booking acts?  Do these type of things reflect on their ministry?  Is this a reflection of who they are?  Does it affect your opinion of them?  Should we hold them to a higher standard because they are a Christian artist or is this stuff just common sense?

2 Responses to "Common courtesy?"

Hey Tracy,

We have artists who play and sing every weekend or
special events at our church who are not always nice
to the tech team. Yes, they should be held to a higher
standard but, we are all only human, and therefore
fall short. And as far as I known only One Person
was perfect on this earth. And we are not Him.

So, we all just pray and forgiven and do the best we

They should be held to the same standards your children and friends adhere to.

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