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Are we too busy “doing” church?

Posted on: October 30, 2007

I have asked myself that question a million times in the past month.  Lately, however, I seem to be bombarded by things that are telling me yes and people who have the same question.  If I am honest, I am not sure if I know the point of going to a church service on the weekends.  I don’t think I will bore you with all of the reasons I feel that way because a ton of them are already being discussed on Shaun Groves’ blog. Go check it out.  But, has the Sunday gathering just turned into a giant act of consumerism?  And, if so, it that what the Church was meant to be?

This ties into my first post, I guess.  But, it is still on my mind.  Now, don’t get me wrong. . . I am not giving up on church.  I am just not sure why.  Am I hanging on because of tradition?  Do I feel some weird obligation?  And, if so, to who?

 I listened to a great podcast today from Chuck Colson and he said something brilliant to me.  He was talking about what Christianity really is.  He said that when you ask most people for a definition, they say it is a relationship with Jesus.  But, he challenges that that is not what it is at all.  He suggests that Christianity is “a way of seeing all of life and reality through God’s eyes.”  It is a world view and system of thought and life.  I LOVE THAT!!  But, does that have anything to do with our Sunday church gatherings?

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I am concerned about some of the comments I see you making – and I’m serious this time!!!! Christianity (being a Christian) IS about your relationship with Jesus Christ and the fact that he came to earth as the son of the Ancient of Days to pay a price for your sins (and mine too). Don’t ever forget that. No, you don’t have to go to church to be saved. You don’t have to do good deeds to be saved. You don’t HAVE to do anything but confess with your mouth and your heart that Jesus Christ is your Savior and Lord.

Church can become overwhelming at times. It can consume you – but what a wonderful way to be consumed, huh? (There are worse ways to spend your time!!!) Remember that where two or more are gathered in his name – so there he will be. If your church isn’t a Bible teaching church and if your church is basically just a place to practice “consumerism” (your word), I would only pray that you seek a different church and preferably one that has its eyes on Christ.

See – I can send a serious response!!!!


Calm down, there!! Don’t panic!

First, let me say that this post is not specific to my church. I actually think we are doing a great job at teaching the Bible. But, can’t I get that elsewhere?

I know this may have been easier if I had listed all of my thoughts. But, Shaun has done it so eloquently for me. I love him for that!!!

My concern, for myself, is that sometimes, as Christians, we become consumed with our Sunday gatherings and we lose sight of the fact that we aren’t actually being Christ to anyone else. It almost seems like an exclusive club that you have to jump through hoops to be a part of. That is not what Christ was about and somehow we have gotten confused about that. Even our language reflects that, words like “lost” and “saved.”

Anyways, don’t go all crazy on me. . . just some thoughts. No need to panic and call a prayer meeting!

Hi Tracy,

Yes, I was inspired by Colson’ words also. And sometimes I think we are missing the boat with Church on
Sundays. In Acts it talks about the early church meeting
in small groups and living in community, sharing, not
just gathering once a week to worship, sing, and listern
to a sermon.

I wish to do church life like that

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