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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Posted on: November 21, 2007

This week I was so challenged by something someone said.  It wasn’t a challenge, really, but something he was struggling with.  He said, “Do you think we manage the image of Christ?”  HELLO. . . .good question.  My gut was to say, “Absolutely.”  I mean, isn’t that what we are?  Imago Dei?  Made in Christ’s image?  Jesus with skin?  I know all of this.  So, isn’t that our job. . . to be just that, which, in turn, does manage Christ’s image.  But, the longer we talked, I realized that we can’t begin to “manage” Christ because that’s a TON of pressure.  I mean, he was perfect and all.  Can we possibly begin to measure up?  If we are actually managing Christ’s image, will anyone ever want to get to know him?  My guess is. . . NO!!

I think we, as Christians, are really in a battle to manage the image of Christians.  I mean, we have really screwed the whole “being a Christian” thing up.  If we had gotten it right, would there really be poverty, or hunger?  My guess is. . . . again. . . .a big fat. . . .NO!  And, who is it that we have representing Christianity?  I am not naming names, but let’s be honest.  People get on TV and claim to be Christians, but they fail miserably.  They misrepresent him and they mess up.  And, that’s when the daggers come out.

Somehow, actually, I am comforted by this.  You see, managing the image of Christ. . . I can’t do it.  But, I can begin to work to reconstruct the definition of being a Christian.  You see, we are just normal.  We are just like everyone else.  We struggle and we mess up.  That’s not changing.  And, I can work to accept other people’s mess ups, or differences.  Now, that’s managing the image of Christ!!!!!

1 Response to "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"

I know what you mean. For the first part of my Christianity I was so disgusted with Christians not acting perfectly. I got so dissapointed in people and their flaws. I’ve since grown, and realized the imperfections of people never go away, and we all continue to mess up. I relaxed once I realized that it wasn’t my job to figure out if what people were doing was “christian” enough or not. I realized that I need to pay attention to what I am doing, and follow what Jesus tells me to do, and that is to love people, He’s not asking me to make other people into his image, He’s asking me to try to be more like him.
Now, I seem to be comforted, as you said, knowing that nobody is perfect, and it makes people a lot easier to accept that way.

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