In Rapid Pursuit


Posted on: December 4, 2007

OK. . . .today, I have to rant!  I went in to work really excited today.  See, business has been a little off lately, so I was excited to know that I had a full schedule for the morning.  That means both hygienists and myself.  But, when I arrived at 7:45, I found an almost empty schedule.  And, my patient with the long appointment showed up with her newborn child.  Well, that didn’t work.

 Why do people do that?  Why do people make appointments they don’t keep?  One of the patients was even being seen at no charge, so what excuse do they have?  That’s the problem.  People are so quick to cancel or not even show up for their appointments.  Then, when there truly is a problem, we are over it.  What is that about????

4 Responses to "VENT"


Don’t EVEN get me started.

Hopefully today will be better.

Speaking of appointments, you’ve been saying for the past couple of years that you were going to come see me. Guess what? You still haven’t!!!


I can’t come see you. I am so busy. . . we have this guy that keeps calling and making appointments but never shows up. His name is Duane Johnson. Do you know him???????

You’re a dentist. People are looking for every reason to cancel on you. I bet they don’t cancel as regularly on their massage appointments.

Yea, but I’m the cool, fun dentist. . . .remember???

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