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Let it Snow!

Posted on: December 5, 2007

It snowed today in Burlington!!!  OK. . . . don’t give me a hard time.  Just because it only lasted about 5 minutes. . . .it still counts!

 I love the snow.  It reminds me of all the fun I had growing up, building snowmen, sledding, and snow cream.  It still brings the anticipation I felt when I went to sleep, knowing I might get to stay in bed because school was cancelled.

913513_frosty_the_snowman.jpgI know people hate the winter weather.  Not me!  It is my favorite time of year.  It is like a blank slate.  The leaves are gone and everything is sparse.  I love it because is it like preparing for a fresh new start, working through the old to get to the new.

 What things are you working through right now?  What are you thinking about changing in the new year?  What are you reflecting on as we leave the old behind?

No more time. . . .I gotta go build a snowman!

1 Response to "Let it Snow!"

Hey Tracy,
I enjoy reading your blogs. Here in Denver, Colorado we get plenty of snow. Snow is cool! I’ll send some your way!;)

Have a great Christmas!

Greetings- Josh

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