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I am a hypocrite, I think!

Posted on: December 6, 2007

I am part of a learning group called III Text .  It has been pretty amazing and I am looking forward to doing the next session.  We just had a conference call with Scott McKnight.  Well. . . it is easy not to be intimidated when you don’t really know who someone is.  I should have been intimidated!!

 So, he said something that struck me today.  It was something to the effect of what makes a church compelling is not just what it does, but who it is.  That seems pretty simple, but for me, it made me realize a few things.

I have been in a pretty negative space about the church.  Not God, just the church.  I have been wondering it is was a “club” I wanted to belong to.  But, I think I may have been asking the church to BE something that I am not even willing to be.

I ask the church to be all about missions when I am pretty sure that I am all about myself and my job.  I ask the church to allocate tons of the budget to helping the less fortunate when most of my money goes to helping me be fashionable and fed.  I ask the church to go outside of the building and do things yet most of my nights are consumed with things I do inside the church.

I am a hypocrite!  I AM THE CHURCH!  How can I expect the church to change if I can’t change myself?

1 Response to "I am a hypocrite, I think!"

Hi Tracy,

I heard the same phone conversation today, and I
agree with you. WE ARE THE CHURCH AND CHANGE STARTS WITH ME AND YOU. So instead of singing or
saying a few lines in a play we should be serving in a soup kitchen or stocking a food shelves.

Think how that would really put some Merry in

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