In Rapid Pursuit

Posted on: December 16, 2007

What an awesome idea!!  My friends PD and Suzanne have come up with an awesome idea.  They have started a non-profit organization.  PD had the idea to make shirts with JESUS>WAR on them.  He gave them to a few friends.  Then, my friends Shaun Groves and Brody Harper came into town.  They were interested in them.  Shaun even took a picture wearing it in front of the White House. . . BRILLIANT!  Anyways, it has blossomed!

Today, they launched the website  The first campaign is >war.  The money that is made is going to go for scholarships to people who have lost a parent while serving in active duty.  You can buy shirts or stickers.  In the future weeks, months, years, they will launch other campaigns benefiting other organizations.

I gotta tell you. . . this makes me proud to have friends like this.  I love when people have an idea, bounce it around, and then push ahead.  So, go check it out and buy some stuff.  And, let’s pray for these guys as they begin this exciting adventure!!!

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Something about Jesus > War seems like a smack in the face to our current administrations policy to try and protect our country. This is especially compounded by the comment that a picture was taken in front of the White House holding up a T-shirt with that on it. Won’t be donating here, sorry…

Don’t panic!! While you might not support this campain, others in the future might interest you. I think the next one is going to be Jesus>Poverty. All of the proceeds will go to Compassion International. Now, that’s a great organization!!!

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