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What a haunted past!

Posted on: December 18, 2007

Today has been the craziest day! Just a little background. . .I have not always made the wisest decisions when it comes to men. That means that I pretty much would date anyone who looked my way. I know. . . .STUPID! And, I use the word “date” very loosely.  They didn’t always take me out, or pay.  Well, one of those guys reared his ugly head today.

So, I woke up, only to have my phone ringing at 7:00 this morning. That usually means bad news. Today did not fail me! It was my “friend,” Rod, and the conversation started something like this. . .”Tracy, I need your help.” To that, I responded. . . “Who is this?”

Cut to the chase. . . Rod had a toothache. Now, why he called me at my home early in the morning, I am not sure. But, I did have a copy of the schedule and told him to come into the office. As soon as the words left my mouth, I felt a ton of dread. I knew it meant opening a door that I had hoped was locked shut. I also knew it meant that I was going to be doing some free dentistry today.

Long story longer. . . he needed a wisdom tooth pulled. That’s a good thing because I needed to refer him to an oral surgeon. So, I numbed him up while he tried to feel me up. . . I’m really not joking. . . and set him up an appointment at the oral surgeon.

So, this afternoon I got a call from the oral surgeon. They said that, of course, he didn’t have ANY money with him. Now, I saw him at no charge thinking that he would have something to pay the oral surgeon who did me a favor and worked him in. And, he told me that the money was not an issue. Why I believed him. . .I am not sure. But, when the oral surgeon offered to give him an antibiotic and pain med AND to come in on Christmas Eve and work him in, giving him a little time to get some money, he proceeded to rip up the prescriptions and throw them back at the doctor. And, to add salt to the wound, he made reference to the fact that I had sent them lunch today, as if I had done it for him so they would do me a favor. AAAAHHHH!!!!!

What was he thinking??? I am afraid I am going to have to change my number and relocate. I hate having a past!!!

2 Responses to "What a haunted past!"

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy….. I’m at a loss for words.

Actually, we could probably start a “crazy patient stories” blog. I know you have tons to offer up, Tom!!!

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