In Rapid Pursuit

It’s Finished!

Posted on: January 7, 2008

I am one of those people who has tons of creative ideas. I start many of them. I finish MOST of them. And, the ones I finish usually take a while. This was no exception to the rule.

When I was little, my grandmother surprised me with a piano. It had a note on it saying that it was my gift for every holiday of the year. . . listing them out. Actually, she is a musician who, I think, probably always wanted to play the piano. Maybe this was her way to live vicariously through me. And, I loved music. Nothing made me happier than singing songs with her.

Lately, however, I have wanted to paint my piano. To some, this freaked them out. First of all, it is wood. That should never be painted, right?!? Second, it’s a piano. Won’t that change the tone? Honestly, I didn’t care about either. I had this vision of this high gloss paint. I didn’t want it to look perfect. I wanted to see the brush strokes in the paint and all the drips and imperfections.

Well, I did it and IT ROCKS!!! I don’t know what everyone else will think, but I am thrilled. I painted it “Forever Fuschia.” It is sort of like the top pink color in the picture with a little more purple added. I can’t wait to bring it home to play it. It has been at my office for a while. . .2 years. So, it is long overdue!

Thursday is moving and tuning day. I will keep you informed!

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