In Rapid Pursuit

Bring It!

Posted on: January 8, 2008

xmas-decs.jpgGo ahead and give me hell! I am ready for it. My Christmas tree and decorations are still up. I dread taking them down and packing them up. I love my Christmas tree. It looks great this year!

So, tonight is the night. I have made myself a deadline. You see, I often plan things so that it forces me to get my act together. I firmly believe you should have a party or friends staying at your house at least once a year. Shaun Groves will be in town and using my condo the first weekend in February. With me staying somewhere else when he is here, I will want everything in tip-top shape. I know he cares. . . NOT!!! But, I can’t actually wait until February, can I?!?

I scheduled a birthday party at my house on Friday night which got cancelled last night for dinner out, instead. However, in preparation, I also scheduled my piano to be moved and tuned on Thursday. I have to get my act together!!!

So, tonight is the night!!! I know it is quite sad, but I am forcing myself. I will try to remember to take a picture, one with the tree, and then the unveiling of the piano!!!!

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