In Rapid Pursuit

My Hero!!!

Posted on: January 12, 2008

dscf0711.jpgSo, the day started out normally.  I got up and was looking forward to work.  And, I was so excited about having my piano moved.  I know, I know. . .I didn’t post pictures of my Christmas tree.  I forgot.  I was so excited to actually get started that I didn’t want to lose the motivation.  Move on!

I had a little skip in my step!  I got ready and was anxious to start the day.  I unlocked the door, skipped outside, only to find it pouring down rain.  No worries, I thought.  It will pass.  He isn’t coming to move the piano until after work. 

Lunchtime. . . . still raining.  But, he was optimistic.  “I looked at the radar and I think it is going to pass, so I am going to go ahead and come.”  I thought, “Your call, but this looks like it ain’t stopping.”  You see, he had to drive about 45 minutes to get here.  It wasn’t just around the corner.

But, at 5:00, I peeked outside, and. . .NO RAIN!!!  He came and moved the piano, ALL BY HIMSELF!  That never ceases to amaze me.  This is the 5th time he has moved my piano in just ove 10 years.  And, it hadn’t been tuned since 1994 or 1995.  Pitiful, I know.  But, I am in business.  So, if you are in the Sanford, NC area and need a piano moved or tuned, check out Tim Laverty at The Piano House.  He is amazing!

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