In Rapid Pursuit

Transformation Begins

Posted on: January 18, 2008

Arizona was great! Now, that being said, we did rent a cute convertible but only had the top down twice. The weather was unusually cold, I think. The cute factor sort of decreases when the top has to stay up!

And, the flights???? Bart, from Mercy Me, must have been on the same one as me. How did I miss him?

The Phoenix area is pretty diverse. We saw some really cool, artsy places and had great food and drinks. That, of course, is important. One of the guys in our class had said earlier that his spiritual gift was eating. I am SO happy to know it is a spiritual gift!

I really want to try to give you guys a glimpse of the 3TEXT experience but it is going to take me a while to process. And, hopefully it will flesh itself out in this blog and my life. For now, I will say that it has begun to give me language for things that were deep-rooted in my life. Hopefully, as I process, it will continue to help me identify true problems, at their core, so that I can deal with those and not just the symptoms. That’s the transformational, life change piece. That doesn’t even begin to address the knowledge. . . WOW!!!

Oh, the picture. Leading from the future, trapeze leadership. . .coming soon!

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