In Rapid Pursuit


Posted on: January 25, 2008

Today is weird for me. It is a clash of the person I was and the person I have become. And, then, looking for a picture, I came across this one and it sums it up.

I am trying to love myself. ALL THE TIME! And, I am not successful. I find myself re-connecting with a person from my past tonight. This is a guy that I. . . .dated?. . .I don’t even know what to call our past relationship. Especially because he lives across the country. This meeting has brought a lot of emotions to the surface and I didn’t expect that.

So, tonight, pray for me! Pray that I love myself enough to make wise decisions. Pray that I stay true to the person I have become. And, pray that I can let all this junk go, even for just one night, and have fun.

4 Responses to "Vulnerable"

Hi Tracy,

praying for you even as I read the blog. I am here for
you at any old time.

Tracy, You are a brave gal. I appreciate your “realness” in this instance. There are many things that I could need prayer for on a daily basis. May the Lord bless you.
Also, thank youso much for helping with Brody. I know it meant the world to him, and because of that, the world to me.
thank you again, Barb

Thanks for the prayers! It gave me a strength that I haven’t really experienced to know that I had been honest and that people had my back!

Glad my picture could display your feelings. I hope you’re feeling okay!

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