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Friends, Fun, and the Eighties

Posted on: January 27, 2008

So, last night was fun!  I have some friends who have been rocks for me!  They have supported me when I was down and celebrated when times were good.  They have watched me make mistakes and loved me more because of it.  They lived with me while their house was being worked on.  And, I miss them living with me!!  That’s a lot coming from someone who has lived alone for a LONG time!  It was great to spend time with them last night.

 We have a friend visiting and there is something about a dinner that makes you feel free to be yourself.  And, that is what happened last night.  We talked a lot and had fun.  Then, we did something we have only done one other time.  After dinner, we painted pictures.

Now, for those of you who have visited my house, you will know that a lot of the artwork I have comes from the first night we did this.  We aren’t really artists, but there is a beauty in what we created and how different they all were.  Tonight was the same!  And, I got to keep all of the pictures!  That’s awesome because I have a home and an office to decorate.  And, there is a comfort in hanging these pictures on the wall.  I feel like my friends surround me and support me!  I don’t know if they didn’t like theirs, but, whatever!  I win in the long run.

Here are mine!  Is there a doubt that the eighties left a lasting impression?  Is that good?


2 Responses to "Friends, Fun, and the Eighties"

What were these painted on? I love them….very old school/retro!! Oh, and all my girls LOVED, TRIPLE LOVED the piano.

They were painted on cavas with acrylic paint. I am glad you can appreciate my throw-back to “the good old days!” You should bring the girls by to check out the piano in person!!

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