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Posted on: January 30, 2008

116272805_a954b108b71.jpgI am a details person.  I am totally anal retentive. . .yes, I admit it.  I love organization and getting things organized.  I love having a task, going through the little details, and seeing it come to fruition.  I know this makes me weird, but I’m OK with that.  Most days!  Today, however, I am beginning to think that some of the details just don’t matter.  Or, do they?

Tonight I had the craziest conversation about where to place something in the church service.  And, now that it is over, I am wondering if people even think about the details.  Do people notice that a time of music is interrupted for an announcement, a video, gifts?  Do people care if they have to stand up and sit down several times?  Is it awkward to do some things standing and some things sitting?

As I am coming to the end of my self-imposed “vacation” from worship arts and church, I am wondering if I get lost in the details.  I am thinking that I may get so caught up in things that don’t matter that I miss the big picture.  Have I been missing the big picture?  I mean, does where the announcements are placed really affect my spiritual formation, or anyone else’s?  Does God speak more clearly through our music if we are standing when we sing?  Do the lights need to be dim during a video so that I can see the Holy Spirit moving in the room?

The crazy thing is, as the month ends, I have more questions than I left with.  Hopefully, however, I am working on the real problem and not just the symptoms.  And, I am learning that the real problem may just be me!

2 Responses to "Details!"

If you really are worrying about those kind of details then yes you are missing the big picture. Wanting things to look right and flow smoothly are important but not at a cost of it becoming a show. Lost people are looking for genuine connectivity that will allow them to experience the life change that God promises and they will watch you or anyone who is a leader very closely to see if were real or not. The good thing is I know your real my friend.


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