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Challenge. . .blog for change!

Posted on: February 5, 2008

In the last couple of days, I have been challenged in so many ways.  I have been thinking about my job and how my interactions with people affect them.  Am I a positive or negative force?  Do I make a difference?

The truth is, I love my job.  And, I do know I am making a difference.  But, for some reason, it never seems like enough.  There are so many problems and needs.  I know that will never change.  What I think has to change is how we approach the problems.  Are we creative about our solutions?  Are we using all of our talents?

I listen to Perry Noble from NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC almost every week via the internet.  I read his blog.  I also read Tony Morgan’s blog, who is on staff there.  This week, Perry said something that challenged Tony Morgan and myself.  He said “You are only as deep as the last person you served in the name of Jesus.”  WHOA!  Think about that.  And, that’s what I have been doing.  Thinking.  Praying.

See, this is why I love this idea that Shaun Groves is testing with Compassion International.  He says,ugandabutton420_thumb.jpg

 “We wondered if a handful of bloggers on just one trip could potentially inspire as many sponsorships and as much prayer and awareness as an in-demand artist on Compassion’s roster generates in a year.  There’s just one way to find out.  Let’s try it.”

These guys are serving people in the name of Jesus.  They are stepping out of their comfort zones and stepping neck deep into the waters.  They are using all of their talents and being creative about solutions.  I love that!

So, you can keep up with this trip.  They are leaving on February 10 on this exciting journey.  Now, Shaun CLAIMS that he spent much of his time here in Burlington, NC building these cute little widgets for people to post on their blogs.  And, I must admit, they look great.  HOWEVER. . . they don’t work on WordPress yet.  So, if the kinks are worked out, I will put that up.  Until then. . .

Here are the bloggers going to Uganda: (Compassion Artist Relations) (Compassion Artist Relations) (Head Honcho/Internet Genius Guy) (Official Photographer)

Pray for them!  Read their blogs!  Write about them on your blogs!  Email your entire address book about the trip!  Be inspired!  Rescue a child from poverty!

3 Responses to "Challenge. . .blog for change!"

thanks for posting this up! and for the prayers! i know we are all excited about going!


Thanks for posting this Tracy. I’d forgotten about that graphic banner of Shaun’s – I’ll add it to the promo page I put together.

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