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Maintain Composure!

Posted on: February 6, 2008

I drive a nice car. It’s a 2004 Volkswagen Touareg. It’s so nice that I feel guilty. I like it so much that I feel guilty. Poverty exists and I have this major luxury. It was a weak moment. You can see this cute little picture of it. Well, that’s not mine, but it looks like that. And, that’s the problem.

My car has been in for service three times since Christmas. The first time, they had to order parts. The second time, they said it was fixed. It wasn’t. Not only was it not fixed (there was a tire pressure monitoring system problem and a few little things), when I picked it up, there were more problems. For example, the radio had no reception. Did I mention they were working on the tires? The radio/tire connection must be one of those things that is above my head.

So, now they have it for the third time. It has been 9 days. Yes, you heard right. . . .9 days!

I was driving this cute little yellow Volkswagen Bug. I really did like it. It was little and sporty and great on gas. Then the problems began. I had to pick Shaun up at the airport. Now, major rock stars travel with an entourage and lots of stuff. Oh yea. . . it’s Shaun. . . .he just has lots of stuff. So a friend took me to get him. After, the bug worked fine for getting around town until it started to revolt.

We pulled in to get Shaun’s teeth cleaned and the horn honked. OK. . . we didn’t touch it. But, let’s chalk that up to a new car and maybe my arm hit it. Well, that excuse may work one time, but as we leave, the horn honks every time I turn the steering wheel. I mean, here I am trying to impress the national recording artist and the horn honks every time we move. Have you ever tried to order Chick-Fil-A in the drive-thru with the horn honking? The women taking the orders outside let the window people know. The people in line are angry because they think we are honking at them. When we pull to the window, flocks of employees rush over to see the clunker that is making all the noise.  All we can do is raise our hands to prove the car has a mind of it’s own.  AAAAAAAH!!! And, here’s Shaun trying to record the entire thing. But, to no avail. . . .storage full.

It was hilarious for about 30 minutes. Then, I was just mad. They have had my car forever. No phone calls. The rental car sucks and the rental car place is closed. So, I drive straight to the dealership and they give me a Volvo Wagon (now that’s a hot car for a single girl) and assure me my car will be ready on Monday.

They assure me!

It’s Wednesday. No car. When I called. . . . .yes I called them. . . .yesterday, they said they were sorry but the technician had hurt his back and they were doing the best they can.

Here’s the deal. Customer service is MAJOR! No matter what you are selling or promoting. I have a car to drive. It works, now. So, no major inconvenience. But, a simple phone call to keep me in the loop would be great. And, I love my car. But, I don’t ever want to buy another one from them. They even said that this was a case of taking advantage of someone being nice.


Yea, that’s right. I was nice. These people hear me sing at church. And, besides that, aren’t we supposed to be nice? How do you get beyond the nice and courteous to get results? Where do I go from here? Hopefully it is to the dealership to pick up my car!!!!

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