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God. . . you keep showing up!

Posted on: February 11, 2008

God moves in mysterious ways.

OK. . . we all know that, but I have been hit by that this week pretty clearly.  And, it happened because of two eleven-year-old-girls.

You read about Brooke.  She did an awesome job singing this weekend.  But, it goes deeper than that.  When Shaun was here, he challenged the fifth graders that he talked to.  He challenged them to find ways to save money, ways to make money, and then talked to them about sponsoring a child with Compassion International.

“I want to do it, Aunt Tracy.”

“Do what?”

Sponsor a child.  I can help pay for it.  I can give you $13 tonight and then I have some birthday money saved up.  After that, I can work to make some money and even sell some stuff or help you in the office.”

“OK.  But, how about just helping me with the child I already sponsor.”

“Is that the best we can do?”

GUT CHECK!!!  Is that the best we could do?  The answer , of course, was no.  I mean, I might have to do a little better on my budget, but will it really affect me?  Absolutely not.  So, welcome to the family Nyamai!

Then, there’s Bertha.  I have never met Bertha.  I see her picture every day and the smile on her face.  She is the first child I sponsored with Compassion International.  She was chosen for me, actually.  He probably doesn’t remember, but Brian Seay said, “this is the girl for you.  She is the one with her hands on her hips sporting a major attitude.”  Now, I had just met him. . . was that a compliment?

Bertha has changed my life.  I can’t begin to imagine what life must be like for her.  I constantly have to remind myself that she is the same age as Brooke, but she has none of the “extras” we have.  Really, she doesn’t have some of the things that we see as necessities.  It is almost hard for me to imagine.  I mean, she sent me a picture with the stuff she got for her birthday from me.  A sweatshirt, tennis shoes. . . that made her so happy.  Would that ever satisfy me?

Tonight, I was overwhelmed with emotion while reading about the arrival of all the bloggers in Uganda.  They just arrived.  They haven’t done anything.  But, somehow, I felt so proud of them.  And, I don’t even know most of them.  I was overwhelmed that they have committed themselves to this trip.  I have been praying for them and for them to return, somehow changed.  I really don’t think I ever stopped to think about how it might change me.

 God works in mysterious ways!

I feel so blessed to be a small part of what Compassion International is doing.  I feel blessed to be part of an organization that is constantly challenging the way it does things.

So, go to Compassion International.  Check it out.  Pray about it.  Read the blogs of the people in UgandaSponsor a child from Uganda.

4 Responses to "God. . . you keep showing up!"

Kids sure know how to tell it like it is, don’t they? They’re so unfettered by the “difficulties” of this world. When they want to help, they move quickly. 🙂 Welcome Nyamai!

Was I wrong about Bertha OR Tracy based on what I know now? I don’t think so! Thanks so much for supporting the trip. Hundreds of children now have sponsors because of the stories told on the blogs!

Yea, yea, yea. . . .don’t you have jet lag or something, Brian???

It was awesome to follow the trip. I am anxious to watch God work through all of you as you process all that you saw.

Yeah, well you are wrenching me too – but I like that. Every time I experience a happiness or joy in my life, I examine the other side of the coin – who’s doing without? Thank you for meeting that need and for sharing your story. I”m a proud sponsor to one darling girl in Guatamala – hopefully more in the future.

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