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I love my job!!

Posted on: February 20, 2008

I saw a patient last week.  He is a kid in the fifth grade.  Super polite and great to work with.  This week, I went to the mailbox to find this letter from him.

Thank you very much for pulling my tooth.

that was very nice of you pulling my tooth for free.  It hurt very bad I couldn’t stand it but thanks to you I’m not having lots of pain.

I think you did a great job taking off my tooth, it didn’t hurt when you pulled it off not like when I went to my other dentist.

You’re the best dentist worker that I ever had.  I enjoyed having you as my dentist doctor.  As I’m typing this letter I’m full of happiness because I’m not having that awful pain.

You were right I should be a dentist like you and the first person that will show me how to be a dentist will be you because you are the best dentist and fastest dentist ever.

My mom was very surprised when we got done and you got me another appointment and seat me free without paying anything.  My mom said n you so much for helping me with my tooth and for the other appointment but she was so surprised that she could not believe it.

Once again thank you so much and I hope you will enjoy this letter. . .

You see, I thought I was helping Jose.  In reality, he is helping me remember that I am making a difference.  There is a reason I love my job!!!

1 Response to "I love my job!!"

I know that you are questioning your purpose and following your call and all that stuff but after reading this great letter from Jose maybe you are following the call and have found your purpose and are exactly where God wants you to be! By the way, that letter is a “keeper” – put is a special file so you can pull it out and read on those days that nothing you do seems to be the right things – a very wise man that Jose!

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