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Posted on: February 26, 2008

OK. . . I don’t feel good.

I know you don’t care, but I need to whine.

I never get sick. I mean NEVER. I missed my first day of work EVER this year from being sick. And, I couldn’t get out of the bed. But, the pressure to do small things like, you know, pay rent, motivated me to get back after only one day.

I am not going to miss work this time. I don’t think it is that kind of sick, but I am stressed. I had a flu shot, but there is a major flu thing going on around here. Everyone around me has been sick.

And, let’s face it. . . my job is not the most sterile thing in the world. I mean, having your hands in someone’s mouth can’t be good when everyone is sick.

So, I am a baby when I feel bad. I can admit it. I want to curl up in the bed and not come out. But, I can’t do that.


I feel better already!

5 Responses to "ICK!!!"

Said a prayer for you to feel better soon.
Take care of yourself and listen to your body.

I’m praying for you Tracy. I had that icky flu two weeks ago, and while I’m still a little low on energy, I must say I felt much better after 24 hours.

Thanks guys! I am happy to report that i did make it to work today. This morning was a little sketchy, but I feel amazingly better now.

Tracy–I pray you are feeling better by now. I check in here often just to see how you are doing. I do pray for your needs and desires to be met,as you stated preiously. Waiting is a very hard thing to do. Please, if yu choose check out my blog…
Dentist and more..You guys have something in common. My son.
Thank you for being so open and generous.

You will be fine, you are not sick…

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