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The dawn of a new era!

Posted on: March 5, 2008



The time has come. . .I think!?!

 My laptop is not that old, to me.  I know in the world of computers old is something I don’t really understand.  I wanted this computer to last as long as my car did, if not longer.

Didn’t happen!

So, I am on a new adventure.  Now, there are many steps to this adventure, not the least of these being saving the money to get my new laptop!!!  But, I think the time may have come where I enter the world of MAC products.

Why, you might ask?!?

Well, I don’t know if I can totally answer that.  And, that’s part of the dilemma.  But, everyone who has one says, “It’s the way to go. . . you will love it.”  But no one gives me much more than that.  For me, it’s all about the cute accessories I can get to go with it.  That makes you tech geeks crazy. . .I know.

So, any advice?  What do you think?  Has the time come?

5 Responses to "The dawn of a new era!"

Don’t do it!! Swim against the stream. Besides, Mac software is expensive. What’s the use in having a laptop if it doesn’t freeze up on you, anyway? That’s half the fun….lowered expectations is the key to pc happiness.

ok Tracy – you have come under the MacSpell cast by Ron M.! Ever since he has come onto the SMC scene one by one the MacDesire has grown – started with Tim – then Nancy got one for all the work she does with the education thingy group and even RB has ventured to just think about it – hey, I would love one of those ulta thin jobs – don’t they come in colors? Sadly, SMC has fallen into MacEnvy. I am like you – don’t really know what makes them so good but those thin ones are really so cute and they could fit into my knitting bag easily! Can’t really come up with a way to finance this change though – will have to stew about it a little longer. . . will keep you posted

Ron has definitely fueled the flame, but Brody and Shaun get the credit for planting the initial seed. And. . .you are right. . .the really thin one is totally cute but I think pretty much out of my price range. We shall see!!!

Eric. . . .what did I do before I knew you???? I love your sarcasm!!

I can hook you up with a pencil and notepad from staples, just let me know.

Hey Tracy, although Mac’s are pretty and all, and there are some really good GRAPHICS, and SOUND programs for them, you have to way some considerations. How many people do you know for FREE (Like myself) that can help you get a MAC up and running (if it crashes)? I’m awesome at the PC world, but when it comes to MAC, I’d probably have to refer you to a certfied MAC dealer who wil charge you out the wazoo to help you get it fixed…lol…am I sounding biased? Anyway…I’m not a fan of the new MAC (I think it’s called the MACBOOK AIR or something like that…). It does not have a BUILT IN CD/DVD Player/Burner, and also does not have an ETHERNET port (Just in case you need to plug it in versus wireless). So with that in mind, do you need a DVD/CD drive? If so, it’s a separate item that you will need to plug into it…keep that in mind. Now, if you decide to stay the route of a PC (non MAC). I would recommend the IBM Thinkpad’s (Made by Lenovo/IBM). These are workhorses and can really take a lickin! Anyway, which ever way you choose, send me some spec sheets or web sites and I will help you get the best bang for your buck (or at least I’ll try my darndest)..and remember if you do go the route of PC world, I can assist you if you ever need it…if it’s the Macworld, then I will have to see if I could check around for ya!

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