In Rapid Pursuit

OH MY. . .

Posted on: March 15, 2008

Guess where I am staying while I am in Atlanta?





PRETTY SCARY!  Let me just say that if I even complain about not having any excitement in my life, shoot me.


I am staying at the Omni Hotel at the CNN center.  This picture is what it looks like outside.  It is a complete wreck, but my room was not touched.  I am back in my room, but I have quickly packed to leave as soon as I can in the morning.  I am not sure when that will be.  The roads a not passable right now and they aren’t really letting anyone leave.


So, I was with Tracy (dental school roommate) and her husband will having dinner by the window at McCormick and Schmicks on the bottom floor of the CNN center.  We were loving our view of Centennial Park and all the people in town for the ball games.  We were just discussing how much fun we have always had at the Hinman Dental Meeting.  Then, we saw that the policemen were putting on their rain gear.  The wind picked up and Tracy said, “Do you think this could be a tornado?”  At that time, our hair was blowing like crazy and it felt like we were being sucked out of the restaurant.


We then proceeded to meet up with another friend and Tracy’s staff, only to hear that another cell of bad weather was coming through and everyone was sent to the basement of the CNN center.


Now, let me just say. . .when you are out of shape, you should always ask for a room close to the ground.  Walking up twelve flights of stairs nearly killed me.  But, I made it and everyone we know of who is here is safe.


I have to tell you that the staff at McCormick and Schmicks, CNN Center, and the Omni hotel are amazing!!!  They did an incredible job in a really bad situation.  It is really true that, in the event of a disaster, angels appear.  We saw tons of them tonight.  Just regular people, helping, being calm, and offering support.


I can’t wait to get back to NC!!! 

5 Responses to "OH MY. . ."

That’s craziness…I am glad that you are okay…If the storms are still blowing, though, maybe you shouldn’t be on the 12th floor. I hope that you have no troubles returning home.

What are you doing up so late, Eric?

Storms have passed and I actually feel pretty safe. So, I am sitting tight. They aren’t letting anyone leave, anyways. And, the streets are not passable right now. Hopefully I will head out at lunch tomorrow.

So crazy!
Glad that your are safe.

We’re glad you made it home safe! Did you see any old women on a bike with a dog in a picnic basket flying around downtown Atlanta?
See you tomorrow!

Thanks, Kristin.

PD. . . we think alike. That is one of the first things Tracy Durham and I said to each other once we found a little humor.

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