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Finding Humor

Posted on: March 18, 2008

Well, just as predicted, my roommate from dental school, Tracy, and I are coming around to finding humor in our little Wizard of Oz adventure this weekend.  That was one of the first things I said after getting up off the floor and making my way through the glass.  I knew we would laugh.

Last night we laughed and laughed about things that happened in the aftermath of the tornado that we had forgotten in our fear.

Now, for all you reading, let me preface this by saying that we pretty much crack ourselves up all the time.  Notice I said “ourselves.”  Others don’t always find us as funny as we really are.  I can’t help that peoples humor is not as advanced.  You work with what you got!!

 I guess the food going out to the customers was not priority upon the “gentle wind” we felt.  As we moved to the back of the restaurant, we passed through a totally smoky kitchen because of all the food that was left on the grill.  The first thing we noticed was the biggest lobster I have ever seen, ready to be served.  Now, part of our sick humor was wanting to pick that up and take it with us.  For what. . . you ask?  I don’t really know, but last night, we found ourselves totally regretting not having it.

We also made up stories of what would have happened had it been worse.  Who would we have been with?  What would we have done?  The stories got a little crazy, seeing that most of the people there were nerdy dentists!  But, many of the speakers from our meeting were there.  I don’t know. . .we just found it funny that we would be stranded with these famous dentists.  Actually, saying the words “famous” and “dentist” together is the funniest part of this post.

Well. . . .all this being said, we are in the humor stage.  Tracy and I have always gotten into the craziest of situations.  I would expect nothing less than a tornado to hit when I am with her.  But, if I had to be stranded, she was awesome company!!!

2 Responses to "Finding Humor"

That is the best stage, the “we’ll laugh at this later,” is a common phrase in our house too!

I love the phrase “famous dentists” as being the funniest part – I really want to know who are the famouse dentists!

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