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Are you having a bad day?

Posted on: March 20, 2008

OK. . . I know it was windy yesterday. I know it was cold. I know it rained. But, that is no reason to take your anger out on me.

I went to lunch yesterday by myself at this Mexican restaurant here in town. They seated me in this corner booth, all tucked in and cozy. I ate my lunch in peace and read my Worship Leader magazine like all good Christian singers do?!?

As this is horrible allergy season, I decided to blow my nose before I left. (Don’t leave me. . . this isn’t going to get gross!!). So, that’s just what I did. I blew my nose. Not some major snotty thing, just a quick clearing of the nasal passages.

I continued to read when I realized this man was standing about 5 feet away from me and staring. I glanced up and gave him the I-don’t know-why-you-are-looking-at-me look and politely smiled. To this, I received a very loud “THANKS A LOT!”

Now, I thought surely he had me confused with someone else, so I didn’t respond. This was only to have him turn around a yell something as he was throwing a tip on the table about how he couldn’t eat his *?@%$!* food because someone had blown their nose.

Do you think he was having a bad day? I mean, all I could think of was how he should just pretty much not ever eat in public. And, I wish I had pretended to flick a booger on him to brighten up his day even more.

It made me so mad, and honestly, a little scared of such anger that is sparked so quickly over something minor.

If I am honest, I would love to say that I immediately prayed for this man, but I didn’t. I did MAKE myself do it last night, but I didn’t want to. Just being honest!

Do things like that bother you? Are you easily angered? Are you prone to cussing a people in public?

Just a few questions I have after my peaceful little lunch yesterday.

6 Responses to "Are you having a bad day?"

If I’m honest, I have to say things like do bother me a little, but not to the extent that I wouldn’t be able to continue eating. (I’m not easily angered and I’m not prone to cussing at people in public either.) My mom has a weak stomach, so we were taught as small children (and taught our children) to excuse ourselves from the table, even at home, to blow our noses in the restroom. Maybe that’s why it bothers me…??? Kinda like I was taught not to belch out loud, you know, like my little brother could get away with. So when I hear a female belch out loud, it kinda grosses me out.

You just can’t figure some people out – it wasn’t like you were blowing the horn of the Titanic! I just hope you never look out at the congregation while you are leading worship and see him sitting on the first row!

Actually, I would love to see him in church. I think he could use a little centering prayer!!!

Umm.. Am I the only one here who has heard Tracy sneeze?

Just kidding Tracy! I hope you are doing well.

Chris. . . I haven’t heard from you in forever and this is what I get??? I knew I wasn’t really missing you!

You’re right. Sorry about that, I just couldn’t resist. I hope you are doing well. It would be nice to catch up with you sometime. I have been farily busy here. I am playing for our new church in Cary, but I miss being with you guys.

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