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Have I arrived?

Posted on: March 26, 2008

I bet you thought I had forgotten this blog. It has been a while. But, the time has come.

Today is my birthday! Now, normally I love this day. I love seeing all my friends, going out, getting presents, and all the festivities that go along with it. This year, however, I am kind of in a funk.

Don’t get me wrong. . . .all my friends are coming around. And, that’s a big deal. Last year my two closest friends totally forgot my birthday. THAT SUCKS!! But, for some reason, I am not that excited.

I can tell, today is going to be a day of reflection. I woke up wondering what a 38-year-old looked like. What should they have accomplished? Where do they live? Are they happy?

I know there isn’t a mold, but I am still wondering. I am wondering if I am where I should be in life. I am thinking about why I haven’t gotten married and had kids. I am thinking about my job. I am thinking about my friends.

All of these things usually leave me in a great mood and pretty thankful for all that I have. And, I am that. But, also a little sad, today. I’ll move on, just a brief pity party for you to attend!!!

What are birthdays like for you? Do you like them or do they leave you a little depressed? AM I NORMAL????

Wait, don’t answer that last question!

7 Responses to "Have I arrived?"

Normal? No. Successful? Totally. Happy Birthday. See you soon.

I said don’t answer that question! Besides, I am beginning to think normal is over-rated!!

Happy Belated Birthday,

sorry dave and I missed it. And yes sometimes birthdays
can be sad. But life does go on and on.

See you this weekend.

Your as normal as a 103 temp under an arm pit.

your= you’re, which is actually you are.

What do you know about normal, PD?

I know it’s good not to be.

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