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Just respond!

Posted on: March 28, 2008

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I really don’t understand people who don’t return emails.  I hate it.


What’s the big deal?  I know you don’t always have tons of time to do things, but surely, within a week, you have time to return an email from a friend.  


Ok. . .I hear you.  You get tons of emails from “friends.”  So, maybe it’s not from a friend, but it’s not spam.  It’s an honest request, question, or comment.   I am sorry.  I am busy, too.  But, I always have a few minutes to at least respond to an email.


So, I sent this guy an email.  Actually, it was two emails in the past month.  They basically said the same thing.  It was a request, but even a “NO” or an “I have no time for you” would have been better than no response.


Well, I am still waiting.  The funny thing is, this guy has said that he has a 48 hour email return policy.


WHAT????   OK. . .maybe he didn’t get it.  That is only going to fly once with me.


Do you return your emails in a timely manner?  If not, WHY????  Make me understand! 

4 Responses to "Just respond!"

I’m not “this guy” am I?

UM. . . if you have to ask. . .

I reply within an hour or so. I’m a SAHM and am able to check the Inbox frequently. Besides, it gives me an excuse to have a few minutes alone!

You beat me on that, Mandy. I do, however, try to return them as I read them. It just doesn’t make sense not to!

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