In Rapid Pursuit

Bad luck?

Posted on: April 11, 2008

So, I am in this little coffee shop in Nashville waiting out the storm.

That’s right, folks.  I said storm.  Let me be more specific.  There is a tornado warning here.

What’s the deal?  I can’t take another tornado!  So, I am waiting it out.

To be honest, the tornado warning is for west of here, but it is pouring down rain.  And, I love the rain.  It is so soothing.  The sound, the rhythm.  I love it.  It was great to sleep in this morning with no interruptions from my dog, who I love very much.  But, her kisses at 6:00 were not missed today.

So, this might be all of my excitement for today.  And, it has been great!  I will have to connect with Shaun sometime to get my keys back.  Go ahead and start praying that I can find my car at the airport on Monday.  I have a feeling I will need God’s help!!  Tomorrow I have my vocal coaching and then will head to hang with Brody and Kristin.

Hopefully this tornado won’t end up like the last one!!

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