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Go ahead. . . let me have it!

Posted on: April 18, 2008

OK, I know I am going to take some hits for this.  I went to see Joel O’Steen tonight.


Are you through?  Now. . . let me proceed!


I was asked to go hear Joel O’Steen tonight by a friend of mine.  Now, keep in mind that this is the friend who originally asked me to start going back to church.  She, however, is not totally sold out yet.  And, she love to hear Joel.  So, I was up for it.


Now I really prayed about this.  I prayed that my heart would be open to his message.  I prayed that my negativity about him would go away.  I prayed that I could be a positive support for my friend.


Guess what. . . it worked!  I was not totally turned off by his message.  And, he said some things that deeply affected me tonight.  Hopefully you will hear more about that on this blog, but I have to pray up about that as well.  I have a problem with spewing my issues, but I think I am going to have to get over that and be authentic.  AHHHHHHH!!  That scares me more than anything.


And let me just tell you, folks.  If Joel can get authenticity out of me, anything is possible!!


I have lots of take-aways from the night, but I am going to sit with one for a while.  And that is that we should not magnify our problems, but instead, magnify God.  DUH!  I know that.  Now, however, I am going to start doing it.

5 Responses to "Go ahead. . . let me have it!"

That is good that you are so supportive of your friend. I’ve watched him speak once, and he did have some good things to say.

Hi Tracy,

I am glad that 1st you are a good friend, which I already
knew. And 2nd that you have found something in what
Joel is teaching. Dave and I have found him, very helpful
to us.

Hi Tracy, this is not in response to your post, but a question as I found out you are a dentist and I love your goal in prevention…are you in Cali?

I am in NC, Kelly. But, if you have some questions I can answer via email or phone, feel free to contact me!!

its really really good to find positive where you previously saw nothing but negative. especially when that negativity came not from personal experience, but something less dependable like hearsay. glad to hear the night went well

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