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Celebrate good times, come on!

Posted on: May 5, 2008


Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!


I totally love holidays!  It gives me an excuse to hang with friends and even meet new ones.  Today has been a day full of that.


I worked today on my new friend, Bush!  It was as much fun as a trip to the dentist can be.  NO SMART COMMENTS!!  We did a couple of crowns and a filling and there is more to come before he can go off into the depths of summer camp with Spur58. He brought his friend, Clay, too. I would love to hang out with these guys when there was not dental business to do!!


I actually loved today!  I love meeting new people and helping them.  I feel like I am functioning in my element when I am doing that.  Meeting Bush made me want to meet his wife.  I can tell he is a kind, soft-spoken, caring guy.  That makes me think that his wife has to be awesome!  Hopefully I will get to meet her on a trip to Tennessee, or she will get to come here at some point.  I have a feeling the new baby might get in the way of that any time soon, though.


After work, I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with my closest friends.  That is always fun.  They are the ones who know me the best and the ones that I can always count on.  I don’t ever feel like I have to put on a front for them.  And, if I did, they would totally call me out!!  So, margaritas, politics, religion, and a lot of honesty.  That makes for a great night!!

5 Responses to "Celebrate good times, come on!"

Happy cinco de mayo!

Sounds like a good day.

Thanks for the good times… loved meeting you!

you’re the best! i can’t thank you enough. margarittas on maris & i next time you’re in nashville. see you in a few weeks.

Happy siete de mayo! Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi, i look forward to reading more here. And I too love holidays because of the fact that there is something to celebrate with family and friends. H

In a world where so many people complain about their jobs, it is so refreshing to hear you. I can feel your joy come through your words. It must be so fun for your clients (patients) also.
Thank you so much.

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