In Rapid Pursuit


Posted on: May 19, 2008

I love a vacation.  And, very rarely do I take one.  I mean, I travel a lot, but I always have something planned and lots of things to do.  This time, although I had to go to a wedding and all the festivities, there was nothing else planned.  And, to top that off, no internet access.  Now, I could get my email via phone and check things on the internet, but I didn’t.  IT WAS AWESOME!!


I never realized how much time I spent on the computer.  It was amazing that I felt like I had so much free time.  There were some walks on the beach.  And, I loved the quality time I spent with my nieces.  I had them all to myself for much of the time and that was awesome.  I also met the cutest little girl I have seen in a while.  I think God keeps surrounding me with all the good, cute kids because kids have been on my brain.  I’m onto him though!!  I know there are screaming brats just around the corner!!


It was also nice to hang with my grandmother a little.  There are tons of times that she drives me crazy.  I am sure she would say the same of me.  But, this trip, she told lots of stories about my aunts and uncles growing up.  Lots of stories about when I was little.  It was fun.  It was a nice reminder of the wisdom she has.  And, she was a great sport.  My nieces and I totally gave her a makeover. . . nails, make-up, hair.  This was her solution for walking back to her house to get dressed and not mess her hair up.  She is a great sport!!  And, how ’bout that bruise on her hand.  We didn’t do that!!



The wedding was beautiful with lots of nice touches.  I always wonder if going to a wedding is going to make me want to get married.  I am just not one of those girls who is in love with the wedding.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want to get married, but it was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy things without getting all depressed!!


All in all, this weekend was a much needed break!  It was nice to be able to enjoy my family in a way that is not always possible.  Don’t act like you don’t know what that means!!

2 Responses to "Perspective"

Tracy, I’m glad you got to enjoy your family this past weekend. I sometimes regret not being closer to mine (living so far away almost 750 miles). When Bev and I were in Upstate NY we were at least with in a few hours drive of all of our family, and we would see them more often. Now, it seems like we only get to see them for a week in the summer and a week around Christmas. I also know that when you get away from the computer, it is a whole nother type of feeling. I hear ya on that one. Anyway, keep plugging along…and remember, I am all ears if you ever want to chat some time.

Thanks for reading and encouraging, Shawn. I think when you live close to your family, sometimes, you take it for granted. I know I do. It was nice to be reminded that it can be fun!!

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