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Are you kidding?

Posted on: May 21, 2008

No one prepared me for this!  I was on the phone with someone from Compassion International today.  And, as she was answering my questions, she said, “Let’s just review your account to make sure we have everything current.”

Normal enough, right?  She followed that up with, “Your sponsor child, Bertha, has left the program.”  Those words struck me like I never thought they would.  Her cute little face was all I could see.  She continued to tell me that “her family had decided to no longer participate in the program.”

I don’t understand all of this, really.  And, I think that’s because I never really thought that something like that would happen unless they moved or something.  So, those questions probably won’t get answered.  But, I did find out that the letter and birthday gift I sent her would make it to her for her birthday in August even if she was not in the program.  And, I could write her one last letter.

One last letter.

Boy did those words echo.

So, today has been bittersweet.  I wrote that final letter to Bertha and let her know that I will continue to pray for her and her family.  I will continue to keep her picture and her letters.  And, I will continue to love her.

Have no fear, though.  Tomorrow will be all about me finding a new child to sponsor!  I can’t wait to see what he/she looks like.  How old do you think they will be?  What do you think they will like to do? 

3 Responses to "Are you kidding?"

That happened to us several months ago, the little girl we had been sponsoring for 2 years left the program, I felt like my child was being taken from me. I didn’t want to believe it! I had just sent her a letter and “back to school” gift and wondered if she would receive them. She did and she wrote me one last letter, just as I wrote her one. Our family still prays for Ana Lilia, her picture is right along-side our other sponsor children. I do wonder why she left the program, I never got any details about it. I just figured they moved or were no longer able to have her out of the home each day.

I will pray for you and the search for your new child, and I will pray for Bertha. I’m sure you have enriched her little life with your sponsorship!

That happened to us as well a few years ago. It was sad, because we’d become attached to our little Ricky.

It looks like I am not the only one. I think I was just so surprised at how it made me feel. But, I got a new little boy today. . . Dante. I will hopefully post about him soon!

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