In Rapid Pursuit

Don’t hate, Shaun!

Posted on: May 21, 2008


Does that picture mean anything to you?  Well, to me, it means I am TOTALLY normal, in an over-achiever kind of way!


That’s Nascar driver, Jamie McMurray.  So, I don’t watch racing and I will try not to offend anyone who does by making any major blunders about the sport.  But, this guy was on a show on CMT this morning that a patient of mine was watching.  It was a “cribs” type show.  Anyways, let’s get to the point.


The first thing they always do on those shows is go into the refrigerator.  And, imagine my surprise when he had mostly water and Diet Coke in straight rows with all the labels facing forward!!


I mean, I don’t want to say I am a trendsetter, but jump on the bandwagon, Shaun.  I know your awesome, organized wife, Becky, would have it that way.  I mean, there is room for the food, but keep it organized.  Don’t try to sabotage those of us who are, clearly, gifted in areas that you can only aspire to be!

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