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Posted on: May 26, 2008

This weekend was tons of fun.  I have lots of thoughts, but being with 6 teenagers can wear you out.  So, for now, I will just say that what makes the difference with Buckhead Church and NewSpring is the people there.  they totally went out of their way to make us welcome.  It was amazing, truthfully.

We did meet up with this guy and he took time away from his family, after a busy week, to give us a brief look into his world.  I have loved reading about his journey and have learned so much from him through his blog.  That seems a little weird. . . this whole blog thing!!!

I also loved meeting his wife and kids.  If you haven’t read about their family nights, you should check them out.  He ideas are amazing and it makes me want to host a bunch of kids for a party every week!  I hope I will be that Mom. . . totally committed!!

Then, when we arrived at NewSpring, I was floored.  I mean, we were met at our car by someone from their host team who gave us coupons for a drink after the service and set us up with someone who could give us a tour of the facility and answer our questions.  WOW!!

I will give more details and thoughts later, but, for now, know that I have been blown away this weekend!!

1 Response to "I WAS AMAZED!!"

Tracy, I’m sure the teens had a great time, and will cherish this moment with you while you were down there this past weekend. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

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