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I’m it!!

Posted on: June 15, 2008

OK. . . my friend, Kristin, tagged me.  The idea is that I am supposed to share 10 interesting facts about myself and then pick some people to tag, for the same reason.

The dilemma is that I have friends who, mostly, have no idea what a blog is.  And, they aren’t even interested in mine.  The friends who are won’t follow through with this.

So, I am going to do my part. . . the chain might break with me, though!

1.   I hate feet!  I mean, they completely gross me out.  I put this first because that’s how strongly I feel about them.  I could NEVER give a pedicure.

2.   My college adviser told me I didn’t have a chance of getting into dental school.  TOLD HIM!!

3.   I am totally anal about my refrigerator and pantry.  I don’t keep much food in my house, at all.  But, the food that is there and has a label has to all be facing the same way.  I like the things to be in rows, evenly spaced.  I know. . . I need a hobby.

4.   I cannot stand the word “chunk.”  I won’t eat a salad with ham chunks on it.  I rarely eat chunky peanut butter simply because of the word.

5.   I like Gerber meat sticks.  OK, it’s baby food, I know.  My brother like them, too.

6.   Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny still come to see me.  If you don’t believe, they won’t come.  Maybe that explains the fact that they don’t visit you!

7.   I spent a summer in Mexico and one in Alaska doing dentistry.

8.   I have always said I wanted to adopt a child when I was in my 40’s.  Even when I was little.  All I heard was “That’s just not done.”  It’s not that weird these days, so we will see.  I have 2 more years to think and pray.

9.   I stay up really late at night and then love to catch a 15 minute disco nap in the middle of the day.  Most lunches you can find me napping on the couch in my office.

10.  My washing machine broke about 3 months ago and I have been doing laundry at my office.  My TV broke and I went out the next day and bought one. 


OK. . . there you have it.  I had to think hard to come up with 10 facts.  I think I might be pretty boring.  What’s interesting about you?  Share one fact!

9 Responses to "I’m it!!"

One thing about me: I can play almost every music instrument known to modern man and can actually do a GIG with all of them too, if I was ever called to do so…not many people believe me on this, and I say, try me, and see. God has blessed me with many musical talents that people in my church have not seen yet.

those are great… you know, I don’t really like the word chunk either, but I do still eat things with chunky things in them…

I could definitely see you adopting. I would love to also, but we’d have to win the lottery, or someone would have to leave a baby on our doorstep!

Hi Tracy,

Okay most people do not know that I am a published poet.
While in college I had 10 poems pulished in different literay
college mazgines. And at one point I was almost considered
for something in the Blue Mountain Arts cards.

and this is gross my toe next to my big toe is longer.

Ps, I can see you being a great mother too, look at all that
you do for your nieces and the kids at church.

No feet but you will mess around in someone’s mouth. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Kristin. . . I hear you on the lottery thing. I probably should start saving now, huh?!?

Brody. . . the rules never said these had to make sense!!

I have had 12 years of piano and organ lessons – SMC is the first church Bob has served that I was not the keyboardist.

I play the autoharp, mountain dulcimer and attempt to play the hammered dulcimer which is my favorite

i read magazines backward – starting at the back moving forward

I am OCD about my towels being folded just right and so non-OCD about everything else in my life

I had a severe speech impediment as a child and was the first 1st grader in NC to receive therapy thru the school system

I have a dent in my forehead where I ran into a metal pole playing hide and go seek when I was four.

I survived a tornado in downtown Ocean Drive Beach in 1964

There is more weird stuff but somethings just have to remain sacred!

Susan. . . . your facts are so good! I had a hard time thinking of any for myself.

I’m claustrophobic! Put me in a closed-in space and I’ll freak out! Maybe that’s why I’m not crazy about flying – planes aren’t the roomiest places to be. .

I took 5 years of piano lessons and I used to be able to play “How Great Thou Art” without music. Not anymore. Not a musical genius!

Incompetent service people make me crazy. If you don’t know HOW to do what you’re doing, STOP doing it!!!

3 is all I can come up with right now.

P.S. I definitely think you’d make a GREAT mom!

Those are awesome, Angie!! I’ll let you know about the Mom thing. I will definitely need your help and advice!!

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