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I’m gonna be a mom!!

Posted on: June 18, 2008

Did that title scare anyone?

Don’t fret.  I am not “having” a baby.  My oldest niece, Sierra, is coming to live with me for a while.  Well, it looks like the month of July.

Can I just tell you that nothing makes me happier!  I can’t wait.

This is what she (on right) has been doing for me for the last two days with her sister, Brooke (left), and a friend, Kira (center).

Is this what having kids is all about?  If so, sign me up!!

4 Responses to "I’m gonna be a mom!!"

I’m glad my favorite Dentist office will now be a little cleaner on each visiti..not that it’s not already a tidy area or anything…lol…anyway..have fun…and do some cooking!

It might be when you have girls, but not when you have boys! I love it when my nieces come to visit, though. Have fun!

Who is going to have more fun? them or you…
Maybe a toss up.

Have a great time.

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