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Posted on: July 3, 2008

My friend, Brody, is all about showing other people how much we appreciate them.  I need to be better at that!  So, he had this idea for us to tell people about the blogs that referred the most people to our sites.  Being the computer genius that I am, I never knew how to find that out.  BUT. . . I am getting better a figuring stuff out and now I know how to do it!  So, here goes!



Brody:  I met him through Shaun, which turned into this, which turned into a great friendship.  He just makes me laugh!  He is very creative and always has something brewing in that mind of his.  I love being around him when he is with his family.  He’s a great dad and husband and he puts that at the top of his priority list.  That’s great to see!


Kristin:  She is my favorite new friend!  I love reading her blog because she shows how kind and compassionate she is.  I am not sure I really know anyone else like her.  She has got to be the best mom I have seen in a while.  And, she puts up with Brody.  That, in itself, may be her biggest accomplishment!


Barb:  I am not sure if you are seeing a trend here, but this is Brody’s Mom.  I can only imagine the stories she could tell about that.  I have never met her, but she has given me tons of wisdom.  I could have really used her in my life about 10 years ago!!  She is kind and caring and is totally devoted to her family.  That’s awesome!


Natalie Grant:  How did this happen?  I don’t know, but have you heard this girl sing?  I mean, does anyone do it better?  I love reading her blog.  I love reading about how she doesn’t take her gifts from God for granted.  I just imagine her being this totally cute, sweet girl that you would love to hang out with.  Maybe that will happen soon, huh!?!


Eric:  This guy makes me think more than anyone I have ever met.  I got to know Eric by doing some dental work on him.  We didn’t get to hang out nearly enough.  He has tons to say and is not afraid of stirring things up a little.  Don’t visit if that bugs you!!  I love it!

3 Responses to "Check ’em out!"

Awesome… Top three… heck yeah..

Thanks for this, Tracy…I gotta be honest and say that a lot of those clicks from my page are me! I hope things are going well.

@Eric. . . even if they are all you, I appreciate all the reading and checking in you are doing!

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