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Posted on: July 4, 2008

No, not that crazy book in the back of the Bible that all the pastors in my life avoid teaching me about.  I had a revelation tonight.

Now, for those of you who know me, you will probably be stunned that I didn’t realize this about myself.  And, I have to admit that I think I knew it, but I was reminded.

I am so LOUD!  I had dinner with some friends last night and, as I was walking out the door, I realized just how quiet it was once I was leaving.  

What is that about?  Why is it that I have so much to say when I am with people but I have to make myself write on this blog?  Why am I at a loss for words here but never in “real” life?

I am pretty sure when I heard all these lessons this week about being quiet and hearing the still, small whisper of God, that was really just a way to tell me to SHUT UP!  I AM THE NOISE!

5 Responses to "Revelations"

i am positive that you are not louder than me and that i LOVE hearing your noise!!

I’d be happy to walk you through that book in the back of your bible. Just imagine Lord of the Rings on crack.

@Scott. . . now that sounds like a Bible study I could get into!

This is the reason I love my friends at St. Mark’s! Nice comment Scott!

i am pretty sure that i dont want to know about revelations…lets just let it be big surprise party for natalie…

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