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I’m just sayin’. . .

Posted on: July 9, 2008


Martha Stewart’s got nothin’ on me!!

12 Responses to "I’m just sayin’. . ."

not only are they pretty…they taste great too!!

Hey I am impressed that you figured out how to get a video on your blog! Any way – cupcakes are not that easy to complete without being messy! I’d much rather cook a whole cake than mess with cupcakes – my hat is off to you!

One thing martha does have on you is she is a convict. So she has to have a jail house tat. Which, I am pretty sure that you do not have a jail house tat nor are you a convict. But the orange mixer gives you so much more of an advantage over martha. That thing is really serious. And I believe would make someone a great tat someday.

I am not showing this to Dave, because he is still waiting for
that promised pie. Of course you could bring him one of
the cupcakes this weekend.

@PD. . . I like my mixer, but not enough to get a tat of it. Not exactly what I am looking for.

@Joan. . . I suck!! I know I owe Dave a pie. I won’t forget!

Just an update that I cooked an entire meal tonight and it was actually edible!!!

i was there and can vouch for the entire meal and it was delicious!!! i really think its that tracy DOES NOT cook not that she CANNOT cook!

Are you Martha Stewart pre-prison or post-prison. I think that would make a big difference.
Oh, please fire your camera crew. They were laughing, the camera was shaking and the food shots were out of focus. What’s up with that?

@Scott. . . let’s hope I am post-prison. I would hate to think that I am looking forward to that!! And, you know it’s hard to find good help these days!

Very nice…so when are you going to let us other folks in the band try some of those goodies???? And, if Dave is getting a pie, can I put in a request for Apple?

Anyway, don’t feed those to your dog. Chocolate and dogs do not mix well.

@Shawn. . . I would love to say I can make all kinds of pies, but pecan is the only one I have ever made. It is good, though, if I do say so myself!

i may not have a steady hand, but i am pretty fun!

Hey, I remember that mixer…

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