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Still learning!

Posted on: July 14, 2008

I have a lot to learn.  And, I hope I always feel that way.  There is something so exciting about being on the edge of learning.  It’s sometimes a scary feeling, but it just seems like a door is opening up for so many possibilities, so many conversations, so many new people to meet.


This week, one of the things I learned was that the written word is not always the best way to communicate.  And, the blog world is still not understood or valued by so many.  I found myself explaining things that were written and then attempting to explain the value of a blog and the community that forms and develops.


The conversation left me with more questions than answers.  I am OK with that, but it has me thinking.


I don’t update my blog regularly.  (I know. . . don’t throw things!)  I also filter the subjects that I am willing to talk about on this blog.  I get personal, but I hope I don’t ever do that in an attacking way.  But, is that the point?  Am I so worried about offending and being misunderstood that I am not being real?  That is not what I want at all.  But yet, we get angry, sometimes, when people are real.


And, if I were to have a disagreement, of some sort, on this here blog thing, would I personally contact the person it was with?  Is the community being built here that true and authentic?  I would like to think it is, but that’s not always the case on some blogs.


I don’t know. . . these are thoughts that are floating in my brain on a Monday morning.  I totally value the community that is built on a blog and am 100% behind the opportunity to do it.  I see the benefits and have experienced them.  How do you explain that to someone who hasn’t, though?  Can someone who just reads blogs but never “jumps in” even understand that?

1 Response to "Still learning!"

I don’t think the bog community should ever replace actual real time life community, for the reasons you listed…

But, I do think it’s a great way to have another virtual community, and is definitely an added bonus in life having friends all over the place, and reconnecting with old friends and staying in touch with long distance family.

People that aren’t into blogs don’t understand that type of community, and therefore down play it usually to people that are involved in it. I know because I was that person until my husband forced me into it and now i love it! And have a new friend in you!

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