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I’m Exhausted!

Posted on: July 19, 2008

Why is it that when you do nothing, you are more tired?


That is exactly what I did today.  I watched 3 episodes. . . .count them, 3. . . of Beverly Hills 90210.  It is my favorite thing to do on a Saturday.  (And, can you believe that they are coming out with a spinoff?  The anticipation may kill me!!)  I finally forced myself off the couch to learn some music and eat lunch around 1:00.


I know. . . it’s hard to be me!!


But now, I am exhausted.  I mean, I did have to sing at church tonight.  That wears a girl out, right?  Not really.  It was nice to have some motivation to, you know. . . move. . . today.


And, on a totally unrelated note. . . every time I go somewhere with a bottle of Fiji water, someone tells me how expensive it is.  Let me state, for all of those who haven’t asked yet. . . I got it on sell.  And, I am refilling the bottles and risking the poisons that leak from the plastic.  I don’t know if I will ever buy it again!!  It is getting a little ridiculous!

5 Responses to "I’m Exhausted!"

on watching Beverly Hills 90210 – one Sunday this past year I watched all of the Beauty and the Geek episodes from last year with the exception of the very last one! Talk about mindless
tV and it was MTV to boot! I then had to go on line to find out which of the two couples one the blasted thing. I totally vegged out on the couch the entire day – well I did have to move to the bedroom once Bob got home since he had no concept of why a body would subject itself to such garbage! Then I had to do a mass confession to my Threads since I really felt so guilty. . .it wasn’t a pretty site. . .


If people are commenting on water bottle they must have
nothing else to say. of course what does that say about me.

I quess I’ll go back to study for tomorrow’s lesson.

Ps the singing was great last night. Rock on girl

I have commented on that FIJI water a lot. What are you trying to say?
Fiji water, huh…………

Now wouldn’t you be surprised if we actually found out that your Fiji water and many others on the market were actually TAP water that was strained through coffee filters several times in case of sediments? LOL

And as for S.D.’s comment above? Wow…Beauty and the GEEK? I have seen many episodes of that show too. I’m glad Bob does not live at my house. 🙂

@Shawn. . . it probably is tap water. The bottle I had last night was filled at home first and then at the water fountain at church!!! Water is water to me!

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