In Rapid Pursuit


Posted on: July 24, 2008

I have had some interaction today with a person who totally exaggerated the truth of who they were, of what they had done, and of what they plan to do.  I know that because I got to be the fly on the wall during a conversation they were having.  I wasn’t eavesdropping. . . I was supposed to hear it!!!


Why don’t we ever think we are good enough?


That’s a loaded question, I guess, but I am wondering why we find the need to exaggerate who we are.  Why do we stretch the truth about our accomplishments and our adventures?  Why do we always think that who we are NOT is more impressive than who we are?


And, do I do that?  Do I believe that I am not enough? 


Today I am praying that I remember it is enough for me to be made in the image of God.  I am praying that it is enough to know that Christ loves me exactly as I am now.  Today I am praying that God’s plans for me are exciting enough for those around me.  Today I am praying that everyone around me remembers these things about themselves as well.

1 Response to "Enough?"

Two things come to mind right now:
1. I heard someone at church tell a group of us at church one time that if you tell the truth you will always be able to recite that again down the road. A falacy leads to the story not being told right the second time (eventually).
2. People sometimes get in groups and talk about accomplishments or whatever, and I know that there are times that people will build themselves up to be someone they are not just because of “peer pressure”. It’s scary, but true.

I too will find some time today to pray that prayer yo uhave chosen above for myself too.

Thank you Tracy, for sharing this.

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