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Posted on: July 29, 2008


We had a staff meeting last night.  I don’t have those very often, so, when I do, they turn into a bitch session, a little.


I guess we should have them more regularly, huh?!?


My staff is so amazing, though.  I just put out there some issues that we were having in the office.  They were not shocked at all.  As a matter of fact, they agreed and had some solutions to help with things.


God knew what he was doing when he helped me put together a staff that gets along, pitches in, and works together to be part of the solution and not the problem.  I don’t deal with drama.  I mean not at all!  I have only really had 2 days of it in almost 10 years of practice.  You know God is watching over me when you have 4 women and no drama.


So, today, I just felt like I needed to say how awesome they are out loud.  They don’t read this blog.  The don’t have to, though, to know how much I appreciate them.  I tell them.  A LOT!  I hope I can continue to remember that they make me successful and are a major part of why I love my job!!!

4 Responses to "MY STAFF ROCKS!!"

That’s great. Makes work even more fun when you like the folks you work with.


Hi Tracy – I’m stoppin’ by from Brody’s PPT. I love that you took the time to put into words how grateful you are for the people you work with. What a blessing it is indeed, to have such an atmosphere where you go to “labor” every day. I see what you’re saying about the Lord’s hand being in that. Loving your job is such an incredible feeling and I pray it continues on in your life for many, many years to come. Have a peaceful week.

God Bless – Melody Milbrandt

They are an awesome staff! I know they made my visits, recently, very comforting. Also, they made for some great conversations.

Hi Tracy

you’re right the staff is great, how many staff members would
follow their boss to a conference in Atlanta meet a bunch
of strangers and be open to what goes on there.

of course how many people are lucky to have a boss and
a friend like you

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