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Scam artist?

Posted on: July 31, 2008

Seth Godin has a post today that made me think.


When I was in school, the dentist that advertised was very frowned upon.  I mean, the typical phone book thing, OK.  But, what kind of dentist would ever run a TV commercial?  What did that say about him and his practice?


I don’t do any of that.  In fact, any advertising that I have tried has been less than successful.  We try to track how people are referred to our office.  And, since I have been in practice, my business has grown mostly from referrals from other dentists and word-of-mouth from patients.


I really believe other patients are the best way to continue to grow.  I mean, who better to “sell” your practice than people who are happy there and satisfied with their treatment?  But, as our world changes, I want to stay on top of things.  I want to continue to be on the forefront of people’s mind.


How do you do that?  How do you feel about dentists and health care professionals who advertise?  How did you find your dentist?

4 Responses to "Scam artist?"

Umm… I forget how I found my dentist…. It was something weird though.

Church! That’s all I have to say! And…try advertising on Craigslist…nah..i’m joking about the Craigslist thing…but it was funny.

Get your car covered with a picture of you in a white coat, and shining a pearly white smile! (remember that one we saw? must be the way to go… ha ha)

On a serious note, I found my last dentist from the yellow pages. They had a nice add.

Hi Tracy,

How does the advertising effect my bill, just kidding
go for it, or wear your lab coat and scurbs next time
you sing

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