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Ewww. . . Feet!

Posted on: August 5, 2008

I don’t do feet. I know that is weird considering I work in people’s mouths. There is just something about feet that I hate though.

That being said, I have spent way too much time with mine this week.

Cliff notes version . . .

I fell over the curb on Saturday as I was leaving for a concert. I seriously thought I had broken my ankle but I didn’t want to miss the concert. So, I went.

I didn’t have to walk far. I sat down as much as possible. I elevated it when I got home and sang the next day from a stool

Today, it looks like a cantaloupe with toes. GROSS!  I can’t even wear shoes.  I have crammed my right foot into a flip flop and am wearing a Croc on my left foot.  It’s a fashion statement!

I think it is actually better today, though. I can feel my toes. That’s a bonus!

So, I am working, but mostly sitting at my desk with a wrap and ice on my foot. Pitiful!!!


7 Responses to "Ewww. . . Feet!"

Did it ever cross your mind to go the doctor or at least find Todd Munday and ask him (or any other SMC doc you come across) what they think? speaking as a mother and frustrated wife to a husband who seems to think that time heals all. . .

@SD. . . it did cross my mind, but I didn’t go. Since it happened over the weekend, I decided to give it to yesterday. I did talk to a friend who is a nurse. . .that counts, right?

I don’t think so. Do your patients feel like that??? Hope you are feeling better. Its hard to move around like that.
Take care…Barb

Go to the doctor!!!!!!

I know about the whole “foot too swollen to fit in a shoe” thing, from when I stepped on that bee. It’s quite fun to walk around hobbling all over the place, isn’t it?

(hope it feels better soon!)


GO TO THE DOCTOR, how are you going to sing this weekend
are we going to have to get you a wheelchair and wheel you
out on stage.


or call Dennis

So, tonight I am not as swollen, so I am getting better.

@Joan. . . yea, I might have to sit and sing this weekend. I hadn’t even thought about that.

@Kristin. . . the hobbling sucks! Plus, I just sat at work all day with my foot propped up. It is beginning to get hilarious, actually!

@Barb. . . I think I am already getting better!! The pain is almost totally gone so that’s a bonus!

i will vouch for tracy in that the swelling really does seem to be getting better and as long as she KEEPS IT WRAPPED, ELEVATED AND ICED, it should keep getting better….

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