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I had big plans!

Posted on: August 19, 2008

Last night I had big plans!  I had plans to load my pictures from VBS last week and tell you all about it.  I would have told you about all the relationships that were made.  I would have told you how fun and exhausting it was, all at the same time.  I would have told you how everyone is still talking about how sad it was that it was over.


BUT. . . I couldn’t tell you any of that because I was on the phone with iPhone technical support for about 45 minutes, only to have them disconnect me.  Then, when I called back and waited on hold for another 20 minutes and got a new representative, I had to start over.  By the time I finished, with NO resolution to my problem, my phone went dead.


So, today I am left with the only option of calling them back.  That means going back on hold, getting a new representative, and supposedly being immediately moved to Tier 2 support.  I have been told this before.  It has never happened that way.


HOPEFULLY, I will have something to interesting to post about soon!  For today, however, can we just talk about how frustrating it is when customer service STINKS?!?

1 Response to "I had big plans!"

Wow….take a look at my blog post from two days ago on customer service, and feel my pain…lol

Also, I told you to stay away from APPLE…but no…don’t listen to me….lol

Just kidding

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