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Do you know these guys?

Posted on: August 20, 2008

Sure you know them!  It’s Fee.  You know. . . “All Because of Jesus,” “Glorious One,” “We Shine” . . . do I need to go on?


Now, I know.  You may have forgotten them a bit because I think they forgot their blog.  I mean, I know they have had exciting stuff going on, right?  Didn’t they just go to Africa with the Passion tour?


But, I am sure all of that is going to change.  They are coming to Burlington this weekend and I am sure it is going to be the highlight of their career!  I mean, they finally get to meet me, so they can mark that off their bucket list!!!  I am sure that will be something worthy of blogging, right?!?


So, go here and bug them about writing a blog post.  And, come to St. Marks at 7:30 on Saturday night for their concert!!  If you want more than that, they are leading worship at all of our services as well.  Should be fun!!

6 Responses to "Do you know these guys?"

I guess I take it for granted that he leads at our church. He is great! H

Hi Tracy,

I can hardly wait for this weekend, and the great praise
and worship there will be.

man, I wish I could be there! (mostly to hang out with you, Tracy.)) I have yet to see them play.

@whittakerwoman. . . you have tons of talented musicians there!!!

@Joan. . . it is going to be so much fun!

@Kristin. . . I told Brody this was a great weekend for your family to visit. Come over! It’s not too late!!

[…] band is coming to our church this weekend.  I’m excited.  read Tracy’s post and see how excited she is […]

Tracy, I’m looking forward to hearing these guys this weekend. Thanks for helping get them here.

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