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I’ve been thinking.

Posted on: August 26, 2008

I have been told by a leader that I respect dearly that my walk with God is new and that my Biblical knowledge is not enough to do many things at our church.


Without getting into my whole “how I got saved” story, let’s just say that I grew up in church.  However, I never had a real relationship with God until about 3 years ago.


Here’s the question, though.  Does Biblical knowledge make a relationship with Christ?  I mean, I know you need to read the Bible and “hide it in your heart” and all that canned church stuff.  I don’t mean that flip, at all.  I get it.


Can we really judge someone’s relationship with Christ based on a timeline, though?  Don’t we all know people that have spent their entire lives claiming to be Christians but they have no relationship with Christ.  I am pretty sure I was headed straight to being that person.  BUT. . . I am not!


I have really been praying about this lately.  Does seminary make someone’s relationship with Christ different than mine?  Can our relationship with Christ be put in the box of a timeline?  Does it matter how deep our relationship with Christ is before we start to shepherd other people?

6 Responses to "I’ve been thinking."

I really don’t think there’s a minimum time you have to “put in” being a Christian before you’re “ready” to do stuff at church. I’m sad for the leader that said that.

Keep loving and growing in Christ and keep serving Him! Don’t let someone else’s wet blanket put out your fire! I’m pretty sure His disciples weren’t seminary graduates and He called them to come and follow Him RIGHT THEN, not after they completed a course of study! Duh!

i second that! i am pretty sure that Christ said the most important thing for us to do show Him to others is Love God Love People and you are AWESOME at that!!! i think its about living the gospel for others not about how many verses you can say…

Just think Tracy…The Disciples only had 3 years with Jesus (roughly). Look how they turned out!

I am saddened that anyone who calls themselves a Christian wants to tell another Christian that they are just not “there” yet.

I heard that myself from some people to another couple people, and I thought to myself, the person that may not have known Christ that ling, sure treats me with more respect and love then the person who claims they have been a follower for many years. I guess that is why the term Hyprocrite seems to pop up a lot.

I admit, I am still taking small steps in my walk with Christ, and I am still Learning. I don’t think we ever stop learning. None of us are perfect, and we all need to learn.

Hang in there. I’ll be praying with you.


I’m not sure how milage and knowlege all come together,
but I know the heart you have for the youth and
the passion you have for choir and leading worship.

That should count for something, I will continue to pray
for you and your journey, and let God take care of the
rest in His own perfect time

Unreal that a “leader”, and i use that term really loosely, would say that. Keep doing what God has called you to do. And look at he people that are looking at you for leadership. You are surrounded by people, me included, that look to you for leadership down many different avenues of life. Spiritual and whatever else. I totally agree with Angie. The whole wet blanket putting out the fire.

Thanks for the encouragement guys! I always doubt my knowledge of the Bible and I think that is why all of this struck a chord. Do we ever really know enough, though?

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