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This got me thinking!!

Posted on: September 2, 2008

So, I read this in the comments of a blog I read today.  


“People who live by the wisdom and not the dogma can be tremendous forces for good in this world. . .”


I am going to be thinking on this statement for a while.  It made me wonder if the church is making things much more difficult than it is.  I mean, we were called to love people, right?  There aren’t really that many rules in that.  And, I am pretty sure everyone needs love in a different way.  Are we getting so caught up in the way things should be done or have been done in the church that we are missing the boat?  Are we focusing on the wisdom of the Bible or the “rules?”


For me, the Bible has always been about rules.  I mean, that’s what I was taught growing up.  The more I read and study scripture, though, the more I realize that the only rule is love.  And, it’s just that simple.  When you love people, you live a Christ-like life.  God never used scare tactics of judgments.  He used love.


Now, if it were only simple to love!!!

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