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I’m still alive!

Posted on: September 9, 2008

I haven’t blogged lately.  That is the rule you never want to break if you are trying to build a community.  Here’s the thing. . . the real-life community I am in has needed some help lately.  It’s been hard finding a balance.

My Dad left for Baton Rouge yesterday to work with the relief efforts.  He will be gone for at least 6 weeks.  He leaves behind my Mom who will miss him tremendously, and an aging mother and mother-in-law that he does a lot to take care of.  My Mom is overwhelmed already.

I have a friend who is really trying to find her way.  She feels called to do one thing, but the doors haven’t opened.  She is trying to find the balance between doing what you love and supporting yourself in the real world.

Changes are happening all around me.  With that comes hurt feelings and doubts about the decisions you have made.  That leaves people in need of prayer, reassurance, and just a shoulder to lean on.

Then, I am finding that the people I have always called my friends are moving in a different direction, one that doesn’t include me.  That sucks and it is hard.  I’ve had a little pity party about it.

There’s been a little bit going on here!!!  And, as crazy as it seems, that’s what community is all about.  Being there for one another, crazy or not.  I gotta admit. . . that’s hard!

How’s your life lately?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life?  Am I normal???  (Don’t answer that last one!!)

5 Responses to "I’m still alive!"

I wanted to throw a quote from your post here:

“Then, I am finding that the people I have always called my friends are moving in a different direction, one that doesn’t include me. That sucks and it is hard. I’ve had a little pity party about it.”

I have to agree with you on this one…I feel this way often, myself. I struggle too.

But, regardless of what direction you choose or don’t choose, I will always be your friend and you can count on me to listen, just like you have done for me many times.

Tracy, I Pray for you and your surroundings (friends, etc…) that God will work in wonderful ways through you and your surroundings to bring the multitudes to knowing him more and more every day! Amen!

Yep…Just like I said over there on my blog..sometimes for some of us we feel like,, Erin’s Lucy…..9 things are “sucking” the life out of us all the time.

Love you, barb

Hi Tracy,

Life is hard that is why God puts special people is our lives,
sometimes forever and sometimes just a short train ride

But the good thing is that He is always with us no matter
where our friends go. and you think you have problems
my new job has me working near Shawn.

Just kidding big guy, I am trying to add some humor here.

You always have my prayers, and friendship

Tracy..When I read back over that, it sounded so negative. I’m sorry. I think right now, I understand though. I will pray for God’s strength for you….’only be strong and Courageous, my friend. He will never leave you.

Love you, Barb

@Barb. . . it wasn’t negative. Actually it summed up exactly what I was feeling. Sometimes community “sucks the life out of you.” That doesn’t mean you give up. You dive in!!

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